Our Services

Everest Paragliding is offering a few distinct styles of flight, guaranteeing an exceptional flying experience for all our customers.
 Tandem Paragliding :
 Fly free as a bird, gliding weightlessly in the air - one of mankind's oldest dreams comes true. This sport has fascinated our international guests for over 15 days get a birds' eye view of the beautiful jungfrau region with your ex pilot - and without any previous experience on your part run a few steps downhill and soar into another dimension. See the earth fall beneath you and fly free- a fantastic feeling our pilots all have many year of experience and a few thousand flights under their belt we'll gladly bring you closer to the world of paragliding an unforgettable 'high-flying' experience for everyone.

Tandem Flight
Lasting approximately 30 minutes, Tandem flights pair the passenger with an experienced pilot, passengers are assured an uninterrupted view of the surrounding scenery, whether that be the valleys, Himalayan mountains, Fewa Lake or the majestic Peace Pagoda.
Cross Country Tandem Flight
As opposed to the regular Tandem Flight, Cross Country Tandem is an approximately 1 hour flight When weather allows, this longer flight takes passengers up and around the lush valleys in the surrounding areas, going as far as we can to return back the same afternoon.
Acrobatic Tandem Flight
Acrobatic Tandem Flight for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, this tandem flight gives passengers a remarkable taste of the techniques and tricks involved in acrobatic maneuvers. Amidst the screaming, you’ll be looping and spiraling towards Fewa Lake, all by the hands of our experienced pilots, leaving you with the most memorable flight of your life.
Para-Holidays this tandem flight is aimed at enthusiasts seeking a more holistic flying experience. A 2-3 day tour, we aim to fly through various paragliding hotspots in Nepal, creating a more spontaneous and improvised flight for both passenger and pilot.